Seventeen years of outstanding ship supply service.

And counting.

About us

Headquartered in Gdańsk, KMD Shipping has been one of the leading Polish suppliers of goods and services to the maritime industry since 2006. We were founded by a group of experienced ship chandlers, some with a nearly two-decade history in the sector, who combined their expertise and networks to establish a reliable, world-class ship supply service. Some of us began their work in the industry as seafarers and have an unparalleled understanding of the needs and challenges of life at sea. We have many returning clients from all over the world to vouch for the quality of our work.

We appreciate the importance of effective, timely communications. Our employees are fluent in English, Polish, and Russian, and always aim to reply to our clients within twelve hours, regardless of the day and time of inquiry. We are experienced and well-trained professionals, but we take pride in providing efficient and accessible services that make it easy to order, receive, and return any products.


We are a full-service ship supply company offering a broad range of provisions, bonded goods, technical supplies, and cabin equipment. We work with certified suppliers, ensuring that the products we deliver are high quality, reliable, and safe. The below list indicates the range of our services but please contact us directly for any specific inquires and up-to-date pricing.


Our offer includes a comprehensive list of fresh, dry, and frozen provisions, including fruits, vegetables, canned food, dairy products, and meat. We work with certified stores and suppliers and use appropriate vehicles to maintain the highest level of quality and freshness. Our long-term networks with some of the best local businesses also mean that we are able to secure competitive prices.

We ensure that all the suppliers we work with operate in compliance with the food safety management system ISO 22000:2005 and are in possession of relevant and up-to-date safety certifications.

Cabin, deck, and engine supplies

We provide a broad range of technical supplies, including – but not limited to – tools, safety gear, electrical and navigational equipment, chemical and cleaning products, ropes, pipes, and valves. Thanks to our broad experience as both ship suppliers and seafarers, we understand the specifications of vessel equipment and are able to advise on the quality and availability of technical supplies. Please contact us about specific items and pricing.

Bonded stores

Our services include organising a variety of bonded goods, such as alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tobacco, and cosmetics.

Other goods and services

We appreciate that each vessel has individual needs and we are always ready to deliver custom services. These may include transport, servicing and safety inspection, or medical supplies. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us about any custom services you require and we will do our best to assist.

Get in touch

We aim to respond to any email inquires within less than twelve hours, regardless of the day and time of receipt.

Our employees are multilingual in English, Polish and Russian and happy to communicate in any of the three languages. Please see below for an appropriate contact number.

+48 600 430 573 (English, Polish, Russian) | + 48 664 647 656 (Polish, Russian) | + 48 694 540 583 (English, Polish)